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Chapter 16 - Just Dance

Text From The Book:

If you’re playing music and you feel the need to, dance to it. Dance is another form of artistic expression like music… feel it. It is joyous, emotional and expressive. As early as my son was able to support his own head we put music on and swirled him around the house. Move and enjoy dancing to the music. Some of the biggest belly laughs I’ve ever gotten from my son as a baby were when we just danced around the room.

As children get older they will dance because you made it fun and encouraged it. Dance, even if it’s uncomfortable for you. This is not about you, but the development of your child (I say this because I’m not a dancer normally, but I encourage you to dance with your child as I have done).

Go to YouTube and type in “Just Dance”.  Videos come up of the game “Just Dance”. Your kids will love mimicking them and you do not even need to buy the game.

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"I love how it is written as a tool. Not a book you can just read through and put up on the shelf, it is an action book, and when you come across this issue of parenting grab the book and look for suggestions." - Lisa Bechtol

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