EP65 Expert Interviews: Krista Lockwood

What do you do when you want your kid to protect himself, but you don't want him to fight? What if you're thrilled that his self-esteem is high and he won't be a victim, but you don't want to set a precedent?

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Show Notes:

0:50 Using your mind and words, or fight?
1:25 It's all logical and simple
1:40 Watching the Rocky Balboa series
2:40 Lessons learned from a movie and advice given backfired?
3:25 The bully on the bus
3:55 Why are you being so mean to me?
5:05 I don't want to hurt anybody
5:25 ... but I'm happy you defended yourself
6:00 Just keep getting up
7:02 They KNOW he's going to protect himself now
7:50 He didn't know what came over him that day, but he reacted
8:30 His whole perspective changed that day, maybe it will be the same for my son
9:00 Self esteem and respect in one incident

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