EP287 Jeremy Roadruck Interview

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Show Notes:

1:05  Jeremy Roadruck - Author: Your Best Child Ever

3:00  The one thing that really grabbed me... child trafficking

3:25  #SaveOurChildren

4:04  80-90% of kids are traumatized, are victims of people they know

4:40  People in places of incredible power are abusing kids

5:10  "You can trust me" is spoken by the abusers and the parents

7:20  Parents, listen to your gut

7:55  I took action and it caused a family uproar

9:40  Trust your intuition

9:55  Wearing down the defenses

12:30  Things that make you go "hmmmm" 

13:30  You and your child are more important than someone else's feelings

14:00  That bell has been rung

15:50  The quality of your life is directly related to this

18:00  FEAR: Face Everything And Rise

20:05  Get really good at asking questions

21:05  Have a flow of information

21:50  Don't come from judgment and/or fear

23:30  Pre-framing with adults

24:30  I have no problem with my stance

25:25  Theft comes from inside most of the time

26:00  The continuum of good and bad and the 90% of us

28:30  Parents are almost always the problem, not the child

29:30  Under stress we do what we've experienced unless we've been taught

31:00  It's not what I wanted to do, but it's what I was forced into

32:40  I can't be a bully with my students because they'll quit

33:40  The secret to being invited back wherever you go

34:05  The secret script to getting your kids to clean up after themselves

38:00  If you buy one copy it won't change my life, but it WILL change yours

39:30  My book is a framework to hang other tools on

40:25  Pick something that works for you that you can continue

40:55  We are energy junkies, know it and use it with your kids

43:40  The 12-Week program from Jeremy

50:00  Contact Jeremy at Jeremy@TheParentingProgram.com

Ryan Roy

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