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Chapter 2 - Skin to Skin

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Connect immediately – Skin to Skin – let your child hear your heartbeat to know it is a place of comfort within a few hours after being born, or as soon as possible.

We learned in one of the classes that it is important for a child to have skin to skin contact with mom. The first night in the hospital, my son was having challenges sleeping. My wife was frustrated because he hadn’t quite latched on to breast-feeding. They were both tired and frustrated. I took off my shirt, I laid him on my chest, and he fell asleep for the first time on his own. He heard his father’s heartbeat and connected. He not only knew his mother’s heartbeat was a safe place, he now knew his father’s heartbeat was a safe place also. Connect with your child immediately.

Mom had the opportunity to connect physically for nine months. This is your opportunity to connect physically for the first time. It allows the child to bond with you and you with him or her.

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"I love how it is written as a tool. Not a book you can just read through and put up on the shelf, it is an action book, and when you come across this issue of parenting grab the book and look for suggestions." - Lisa Bechtol

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