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"I love how it is written as a tool. Not a book you can just read through and put up on the shelf, it is an action book, and when you come across this issue of parenting grab the book and look for suggestions.- Lisa Bechtol

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  • Create a calm, loving environment for the whole family 
  • Virtually eliminate the chaos and dysfunction most families endure 
  • Connect with your children in a way you never realized was possible
  • Raise confident, self aware children who make you proud to be their Dad
  • Wives... you will have a top 1% husband who is a Dad to brag about!!

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“This book is a handbook for dads and an insight for moms”


This book is a handbook for dads and an insight for moms. It starts at the most basic stages of life and ways to support your child from birth and works up through the ages and stages of life. It’s more than just “play with your kids”. It aligns the relationship to create a full family dynamic where the whole family is supported. It’s foundational, easy to read and a resource dads can keep in their toolbox throughout their fatherhood season.

Krista Lockwood

“What a simple and profound read!”


There are so many parenting books out there and what I love about Ryan Roy's 'Be the Dad You Wish You Had' is that it's a simple, actionable, distillation of the fundamentals that will enable any parent to set themselves and their kids up for success. A great read for new parents and refresher for those looking to be more mindful parents

Stephanie Bryant - (Mother of two)

“The truth is a dad plays a major role in a child’s life…”


Truth is a hard thing to sell because it isn't pretty, it hurts, and it also makes us work; it is also beautiful because it provides knowledge and growth.

The truth is a dad plays a major role in a child's life and we do the best we can and hope the outcome looks like a stable to successful adult when we are done.

The truth about this book is that it is the truth about the work it takes to be a great dad, but because the author simplifies the lessons, the reality of being a great dad seems like less work and more just being present. The author made me feel that being a great dad is attainable and whether intentional or not, he also did a great job reinforcing ideas that would make one not be just a great dad, but a spouse, or a child. The lessons transcend fatherhood and delve into the world of strong relationships.

The title would suggest this book is for men that didn't have a great dad; it is, but it is also for all parents who wonder what it is going to take to nurture a child and continuously have a meaningful relationship with them.

Dorian Santiago

“Must Read for Every Dad”


This book is a must read for every dad. All of the lessons in this book are so simple, but simple does not mean it’s always easy to do. Ryan lays out 40 simple ways of becoming your child’s hero. It’s up to you to apply these simple lessons if that is what you want. Every man had a childhood hero. When your child thinks of who their hero is as an adult, wouldn’t you want to think “DAD”!?

David McCormack

“Must Read for New or Experienced Fathers”


For those of us that didn’t have a great father role model in our lives, and we want better for our kids than we got, this book is a must read. Although I wish I had this book before I had My first son, it’s never too late to become a better dad.

Mark Starr - (Father of two)

“A life-changing read! For your child AND for you!”


I have to agree with the review that stated “I wish I had this book when my kids were younger!” As a mother of 3 teen daughters, I saw so many practical lessons I could’ve applied to make a positive difference in their lives AND mine! Applying the simple and practical lessons in this book will absolutely create bonds that will last a lifetime, and empower you to raise a confident, joyful, successful child. Not only that, it will help you as a father (and mothers... you too!!) be fully present to fully ENJOY each stage of parenting! Not only do I recommend this book to any parent at any stage... but what an incredible GIFT IDEA for new or expecting parents! It will encourage discussion between mom and dad that will create a unified strategy to set your family up for a lifetime of happiness! Also - for you exhausted new parents - the lessons are quick and easy to read!

Debi Bellville - (Mother of three)

“This should be in your top three go-to parenting books!”


First, let me start by saying this book is not just for men! It should be read by any parent or person that is in any way, shape, or form, caring for children of all ages. As a young man, I married into a ready-made family with three young boys. I certainly did not have the tools with which to raise my stepsons. I had not grown up with any type of male influence in my life so I was quite literally raising them by the seat of my pants via everything I learned in the "real world university." I truly wish I had been able to read these 40 tips back then. Now, as a 49-year-old, I am blessed to be a grandfather to 5 wonderful grand kids and the step dad to two more great adult kids. Because it is never too late to learn how to communicate, I look forward to using the newfound knowledge and wisdom from Ryan's book to help nurture, raise and empower them. Ryan has an exceptional talent of putting these tools into terms that are not only easy to understand, but simple to incorporate into daily living. I assure you that after reading this book you will be just as pleased as I am.

David Rice - (Father of three, grandfather of five)

“Easy to read instructional manual”


This book is an easy to read, instructional manual to change the trajectory of how we can empower our children to become confident and well-rounded adults, with instead of NO NO , a YES YES. Catch them doing something right and allowing them to think and find the right answer on their own. This book helps parents to create an environment which allows them to soak up knowledge during the most formative years of their life and to teach parents to spend quality time with their children.

Nancy Berg

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