EP86 You Have No Patience!

When you day gets off to a rough start, do you react or do you respond. When all else fails perhaps it time to be grateful.

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Show Notes:

1:05 Looking ourselves in the mirror
1:39 How you do anything is how you do everything
2:50 Morning routines
3:30 The doorbell rings...
3:45 My phone is gone!
4:55 How did you end up with my phone?
5:30 Atlanta traffic
6:20 What took you so long??
7:00 How is it my fault?
7:20 Gratitude... it works in many ways

Ryan Roy

About the Author

Ryan Roy

Ryan Roy is the father of two boys and on a mission to be the dad he wished he had... and to help other fathers be the best they can be too.

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