EP74 Death Is A Part Of Life

My son's best friend lost his mom. It brought up a lot of questions about how to help our son deal with life and death. Sometimes too much experience on our part makes it hard to understand how to respond.

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Show Notes:

0:55 Sharing tragedy with children
1:30 The school is in mourning
2:20 The community lost a leader
2:50 It's a shock to the system
3:40 Our child's best friend lost a parent
4:20 The inevitable... how to tell our son
5:55 One prior loss, but not as close
6:15 Too much experience and knowledge
7:00 Doing our research
7:55 Our experience has been positive

Ryan Roy

About the Author

Ryan Roy

Ryan Roy is the father of two boys and on a mission to be the dad he wished he had... and to help other fathers be the best they can be too.

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