EP31 – Gillette And The Best A Man Can Get

What is the controversy about? Do we have room to get better? What effect does it have on the kids?

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Welcome to this episode of, I don't know Jack about parenting, where I'm going to talk about are you the best man you can be and ladies, please stay tuned also because it's going to pertain to you and your relationship with your husband or partner also.

They have some of these clips

Welcome back to this episode of, I don't know, Jack about parenting, um, where we were talking about are you the best man you can be? Recently the Gillette Company, the Razor Blade Company, put out an ad and this ad starts off talking about the me too movement and some of the challenges that men face in today's society. A lot of stuff on the news that are being viewed at like a, you know, monsters at some point. And uh, I, I forget the term, it's a fairly new term to me, something masculinity and, and we're just viewed by the media at this point as though we are less than. So this video or this commercial that Gillette puts out a starts off and it says Gillette, the best a man can get and they have some of these clips and her saying, you know, men, we need to do better in some of the, some of us are.

And they show a clip of a father, uh, you know, saying affirmations in the mirror with his daughter and they show a clip of a couple of dads in a park as the kids start to wrestle on the ground and break it up and make them shake hands and hug. They show a, a group of teenagers. It looks like from the inner city, you know, one of the kids just saying, man, we need to do better as a people, you know, and just uplifting is his friends saying we need to be better.

It's those two percent

And then it says, you know, basically July we support those of you who are doing, we just need a lot more people that are step up and do it. Now listen to me, I am a big believer. When eBay first came out, the company, eBay people said it would fail because there's too many bad people in the world. Why would somebody sends something to send somebody money and expect it to come in the mail? And what Ebay said is, listen, we believe that 98 percent of the people are inherently good and because of that this is going to be a success. It's those two percent that taint things it's that one bad apple that spoils the whole bunch. I believe that the guys who are making poor decisions get sensationalized, right? Guy Like what went on with Bill Cosby, R Kelly right now they have a big show that just came up, a R Kelly surviving R Kelly because this is thrown into the forefront of our pop culture and the me too movement. It paints this dark cloud over men in general.

What I believe the Gillette commercial was saying, because there's got a lot of backlash. If you look at it on YouTube, there's men saying, I'm never going to buy a Gillette razor again. As a matter of fact they made ever shave again because of this. Uh, there's really like, why would you paint all makes me believe that all men and there's this picture which leads me to believe that they didn't necessarily watch the entire video. She can't encompass everybody. All means everybody. And they do have three or four instances that I described at the end of this video where they are showing men doing good things.

Just because I don't post it on Facebook

Well because those things aren't sensationalized because, um, you know, when you do a good deed or when I do a good deed, we don't necessarily throw it on Facebook. You know, people ask me all the time and I'll just say it on this podcast. Like I had somebody call me out the other day, like, you know, how do you give back as if, as if I don't. And I was like, just because I don't post it on Facebook and put it out to the masses, it doesn't mean that I don't give back, doesn't mean that, uh, I haven't coached people that signed on for payment and realize maybe they weren't in a position to pay. And I continue to honor the contract without payment.

Doesn't mean that the boxes behind me are 20 to 100 pair of socks that I just drove five hours to and from to pick up to give away to the homeless. It doesn't mean that a tie that church, it doesn't mean you don't. I don't think I need to sensationalize those things because we don't as good men and because they're not headlines, the headlines grab all the attention and the headlines sit there and look as though men are doing their fair share. I'm here to say that I believe wholeheartedly there's a lot of good men doing a lot of good things out there.

Let people know

And maybe we should let the world know that these things are happening. The challenge is the world, doesn't it? It's not sexy. It's not attractive. It's not controversial. And I believe that Gillette strategically made something controversial to wake those of us who do do a lot of good things up and say, hey, speak up. Let people know that you're out there doing good things because the world needs to know that there's a lot of good men doing a lot of good things. And unfortunately right now, the fake news, if you want to say it that way, sensationalizes things that sell ad space and controversy and drama, sell ad space.

If I called the news today and said, Hey, I just drove five hours to and from the pickup, 2100 pair of socks to bring to the homeless, the inner city in Atlanta, they'd be like, yeah, so what did anybody die? Nobody died. What's the big deal? Well, I'm helping the homeless. Uh, and they, they're going to want a better headline, right? That's not going to sell ad space. It's not going to grab attention. She was like, oh, that's nice. And a pat on the back. But sure, there's 50 other things I can call them and say.

I do these things because they're the right things to do.

And they would want to be all over it. And none of them have a positive spin. So good men out there. I know you're out there, good men and women are out there doing amazing thing and it's not going to get recognized if you don't sit there and put it out. Part of the reason I do this podcast, part of the reason I share my thoughts is this is me talking to myself. I need to put it out there more. There's so many things I've done over the last year, a behind the scenes and you know, what maybe people should know, but I don't do it for, to get, go viral. I don't do it to get more likes. I don't do it. I do these things because they're the right things to do.

I have more than I need and I shouldn't be giving back because I've been blessed. And I think that's the viewpoint of a lot of good men who are doing a lot of good things up less than I had the ability to give back. Therefore I do. And um, you know, I don't know Jack about parenting, but I know this, you're a good man or a good woman and you're giving back. Your kids will not do what you tell them to do. They're gonna do what they saw you do, good or bad. So if you want well rounded, healthy minded children to leave your home, be a well rounded healthy minded adults and they'll leave your home that way. We'll see you in the next episode.

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