EP285 Above The Chatter With Bruce Pulver

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Show Notes:

0:55 Bruce Pulver: Above The Chatter, Our Words Matter
1:45 I listen to how people talk to themselves
2:25 The words we say to ourselves matter
3:05 We were about 30 minutes from the hospital
4:05 She lived another 22 years, the other record was 72 hours
5:00 My father was the "word guy"
6:02 My father's words and my mother's positivity came together
7:30 Be in a place of gratitude, it's incompatible with negativity
9:30 GIFTS: God Installed Features To Share
11:45 My family started with 3 important words: Yes I Can
12:40 You Expect Success In Challenging Activities Now
14:00 Listening without action is worthless
15:00 The "Power Of Yet"
17:20 Kick the Can'ts... don't use words that end in "n't"
21:25 Sometimes you just hit a wall
22:08 "Here's what I CAN do"
25:50 Daughters develop self confidence through their fathers
29:00 Bruce's word shops
31:18 AboveTheChatterOurWordsMatter.com

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