EP284 Remote Learning With Liliana Herrera

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Show Notes:

0:55 Virtual Learning with Guest Liliana Hererra
1:25 A LOT of parents are finding themselves in new roles now
2:22 First, let's deal with the mindset
2:55 Now, instead of just parents, we're also teachers
3:25 Come from a place of calmness, it will all be okay
3:45 From my coaching practice, I teach that the strongest energy wins
4:10 Your kids are watching, they will imitate you
5:05 I'm a single mom and want to be a part of their world
5:45 Recognize we're not teachers, but we do know about school
6:15 Your kids have no classmates now unless they have siblings
6:25 Network with other parents to get together with whomever has specific expertise
8:00 Necessity is the mother of invention, now we have learning "pods"
8:45 Learning "styles"
9:20 The schools are on a learning curve too, they've never done this either
10:08 It's an opportunity to get customized learning
11:10 Observe what your child gravitates to
13:00 My son and I wrote a book one Saturday afternoon
14:04 My son loves reading up on technology
16:40 They may get a little more "comfy" at home, but it's okay if they are still focused
17:45 I had to learn to monitor and and adjust for his style
22:30 Dedicated learning space
24:02 See what works, try different places and environments
26:10 Commitment and consistency come with time
29:14 Be realistic as a parent, be patient, get them moving
31:20 This is one of the best times as a parent, to spend time with your kids
34:40 Show your kids your "best self"

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