EP275 Father’s Day Series (3 of 4) I’m Never Going To Be Like My Father

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Show Notes:

1:50 Go back and listen to episodes 273 and 274 if you haven't already
2:35 What are the strongest memories of your Dad?
2:55 Whatever you remember MOST, is likely the type of dad you had
3:55 I had the absent father, because I was abandoned at 5 years old
4:30 I'm a life coach so I've seen it AND I've experienced
5:00 What are the happiest moments you remember with your Dad?
6:00 Write down the memories that you have...
6:15 What are the negative memories you have of your Dad?
8:15 Whatever it is that you wished of your father, be that for your child
8:55 Don't say what you're "NOT" going to do
9:20 What's the biggest fear you have with raising your child?
10:45 I have a mantra, or goal... I wish to have the respect of my adult children and no "thing" or no "fling" will come between that
12:00 There are only two things that kids really need: to feel safe and feel loved
12:40 Write down 5 things that YOU believe a good father should do or be (feel free to reference last week's podcast)
13:40 Name 3 things you hope to accomplish as a father (and here are my 3)
14:50 Name three things that you do NOT want to repeat from what your dad did
15:35 Tell your kids these three things EVERY day
16:10 I'm sure my 8 year old "gets" it now
17:25 What's your biggest insecurity about being a father?
17:50 Write down 2 to 10 positive male role models you had growing up
18:55 What's your relationship with your mother like?
20:05 All of these things add up to being the dad you wish you had
20:25 You cannot be in a place of gratitude and angry about the way you were raised at the same time
21:40 Break the cycle. This is your chance.

Ryan Roy

About the Author

Ryan Roy

Ryan Roy is the father of two boys and on a mission to be the dad he wished he had... and to help other fathers be the best they can be too.

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