EP274 Father’s Day Series (2 of 4) The 7 Traits Of A Good Dad

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Show Notes:

1:10 First identify the type of dad you are or that you had
1:55 I challenge dads to look at the 8 types of dads and become a "Good" dad
2:20 Don't tell kids what "not" to do, tell them what "to do"
3:10 Tell yourself, like you would tell your kids, what you DO want to do
3:55 Just because you set the goal of "not being like your dad" doesn't give you proper direction
4:40 The 7 traits of a good father


5:01 Trait 1: Patience
6:14 Trait 2: Morality
9:25 Trait 3: Open-Minded
11:47 Trait 4: Loving
15:15 Trait 5: Loyalty
17:20 Trait 6: Honesty
18:01 Trait 7: Leads by example

Ryan Roy

About the Author

Ryan Roy

Ryan Roy is the father of two boys and on a mission to be the dad he wished he had... and to help other fathers be the best they can be too.

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