EP206 No Gratitude? Then You Get Nothing!

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Show Notes:

1:03 These are MY beliefs
2:50 It happens at 6 o'clock in the morning
3:08 "Daddy Do"
3:50 Then I closed the container
4:05 But then he had a temper tantrum
4:40 If you don't have gratitude for what you have, you will get NOTHING
6:20 At school a child was having a tantrum
6:45 Then the mom had a tantrum
7:20 What is the lesson being learned?
8:15 If you kids aren't in gratitude try giving them nothing
8:55 Why are YOU allowing it?

Ryan Roy

About the Author

Ryan Roy

Ryan Roy is the father of two boys and on a mission to be the dad he wished he had... and to help other fathers be the best they can be too.

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