EP191 I’m A Dad, And I Got Mom-Shamed

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Show Notes:

1:20 I'm involved in everything my kids do
1:50 It's like having several "second" jobs
2:20 People at the school know who I am
3:25 It that moment, I got the look of disgust, eye-roll and head shake
3:50 It's not my job to do things that I'm not good at
5:35 What's your problem? Why does it bother you?
6:05 What is it that women do to other women?
6:58 It can be difficult if we care about the opinions of others
7:25 Why are we judging others instead of pouring our energy into our kids

Ryan Roy

About the Author

Ryan Roy

Ryan Roy is the father of two boys and on a mission to be the dad he wished he had... and to help other fathers be the best they can be too.

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