EP11 – What Happens When Kids Get Sick

What happens to you when your kids get sick? What are your options?

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Welcome to, I don't know Jack about parenting, and in today's episode I'm going to be talking about what parents do when your kids get sick.

I'm experiencing this right now

Hey, welcome to I don't know Jack about parenting today's episode. What happens to parents when their kids get sick, and I'm experiencing this right now, you may hear me a little bit more nasally than normal. What happens is YOU get sick.

Baby got sick, uh, several weeks ago. Went to the doctor, a lot of I goo and fluids in his ear and got his antibiotics and everything that he needed to get all that cleared up just as he was coming off the antibiotics. The seven year old got sick and uh, in that process the wife got a little bit of it was dealing with the scratchy throat. I was fighting it right, pumping myself full of vitamin C, eating well, making sure I got proper rest. And uh, two days ago I was in the kitchen prepping dinner and I'm like, I'm just tired. There's no reason for me to be this tired. And I woke up or I shouldn't say I woke up. I slept uneasy the entire night only to wake up with the congestion. Nose, everything.

I could decide not to do this podcast today

But here's the thing about parents, when your kids get sick, we don't get the day off right? Nobody, nobody. We can call in sick to work. I could reschedule clients. I can decide not to write today. I could decide not to do this podcast today. I can shift and adjust my life, but the one thing I cannot shift and adjust is the fact that I'm a parent and there are two children that are relying on me to make sure that I am at my best. I'll give you an example. Yesterday I'm exhausted, dead tired on the sofa. The baby is he, it's one of the things I believe we should do as parents.

This is just my own little philosophy. Uh, I think of it as a. When my baby reaches up, I don't believe I should ever deny that. He's saying I love you daddy. I want you right now. So as I'm on the couch, Sofa, he sitting there and he's reaching up right and he's like, ah, pick me up. So I pick him up now he's a little under the weather too, so not worried about getting him sick. I think we're keeping each other sick, but then comes the seven year old jumping but over to the couch like Starsky and Hutch over the hood of a car, you know, Dukes of Hazzard style, whatever it is. And jumping on my back and I'm like, today is just not the day. And he's so used to doing this and I'm so immune to him doing it because I usually just go with it. I flipped over, lift him up, slam him on the couch, you know, we're just rough housing and having a good time that I didn't realize how much he actually does it until yesterday when I was not feeling my best.

And that's what we say as parents​

See, I don't get a day off just simply because I'm not feeling well. I got two little ones that are used to daddy being their,play toy, and inevitably as parents, right? If our kids are sick, they go off to school. You know what? I always say, my baby. But he, he had been fortunate. He hadn't gotten sick, a firstborn. I think he got sick, man. He was sick quite often with ear infections and things for the first six months of his life. Nothing crazy but enough just to, uh, for him to build up his immunity. And as parents, we want our kids to get sick. So what happened? The second born never got sick. He's 11 months before he ever went into a daycare and he was there one day and he got sick. And that's what we say as parents, if you want, you want to test your kids immunity, just send them off to daycare because they're bound to get sick. Um, but unfortunately if we have that sickness in our house, chances are we're going to get sick too. And as parents, we don't get the day off. They still got to eat. They still got to be clothed.

They still got to be bathed. They still got to be loved on last night, uh, the seven year old, he did eventually realized that I had very low energy and he, he, uh, he got ready for, for bed with mom and he just came, he had a book in his hand and he says, Dad, can you read to me tonight? And I said, yeah, we can read. And he was exhausted too. So we went to bed and I read about 15 minutes all nasally. Then I asked him if he wanted me to read some more. We got to the part of the book where I agreed to get to. We usually do a 50 pages and I looked to see if you want a more. And he was knocked out.

So this what I would encourage

But that's the beauty of being a parent, right? Not Feeling my best, my son still wanting my attention and love. And you, your kids want your love and attention, even when you're not at your best. So this what I would encourage all parents when you're not feeling your best, see how you're responding or reacting to your children because it's not their fault that you're not feeling well. Now you could say, hey, they got me sick, but at the end of the day, it's not their fault you're not feeling well.

See, I don't know Jack about parenting, but I do know this. I know that kids just want to be loved by their parents. And the best way to do that is your awareness and show them and yourself some grace when you're not feeling your best. So until the next episode, we'll talk to you guys soon.

Ryan Roy

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