Ryan Roy

Amazon Bestselling Author, Coach and Experienced Speaker with over 1,000 humor and info packed Podcasts, Livestreams, Presentations and Interviews.

Contact Ryan: BeTheDadYouWishYouHad@gmail.com

Ryan's father abandoning him when he was just 5 years old. After many years of research and trial and error, Ryan has uncovered the most effective tools and methods to teach any Dad how to be the dad he wishes he had.

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  • You need an exciting, entertaining guest
  • You have an audience interested in parenting
  • You want to promote parental involvement with children
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Ryan's Favorite Charity

  • From super involved supporter, to Board Member
  • Socks are the #1 Clothing Item Needed By The Homeless
  • Launched in 2011 By Sue Lee, CEO of EQ Media
  • Our Motto Is: "We're Taking Socks To The Streets"
  • We have collected over 361,000 pairs of socks since 2012

Ryan with: Sue Lee (Founder),
LaCrisha Saba (Mrs. Georgia 2017)
and Phillis Shimamoto (Founder)

Ryan's School Involvement

  • FBI All Pro Dads - Bringing Dads and Kids Together
  • Dads and Kids Connect, even if they don't at home
  • Growing the Group With Meaningful Involvement
  • PTA President
  • Special "Mayor's Education Award" for Volunteers

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